Round III


Mahally Award III sponsored by 3Brothers is aiming to create outdoor or indoor lighting using
the Aluminum, Plastic, and Steel and extrude steel in producing original and creative practical Lighting

Concept Design

The Concept Design must include 3Brothers look for a very unique yet elegant design that reflects the Egyptian culture in a modern trendy style.

Participants have to choose one type of luminaire from the following variety of luminaire types.

Lighting category: indoor/outdoor


Light pole up to 6 Meters
Bollard from 40 to 80 Centimeters
Wall Mounted fixture


Wall mounted
Materials to be used: Aluminum, Plastic, Steel, Extrude Steel / Aluminum

Time Frame

Mahally Award consists of seven stages:
Stage I: Registrations Stage: November 2 – December 14

Stage II: Concept Design Stage: December 15 – January 31

Stage III: Jury Group Selection: February 1 – February 14

Stage IV: Final Design Package: February 15 – March 15

Stage V: Jury Group Selection: March 16 – March 31

Stage VI: Winner Announcement: March 31

Stage VII: Production Phase: April 1 – October 30

Winners Prize

  • 1st: 40,000 LE, Certificate and trophy.
  • 2nd: 20,000 LE, Certificate and trophy.
  • 3rd: 10,000 LE, Certificate and trophy.

Registration Fees: 

Early Bird: 500 EGP from November 2 to November 23. 
Late Bird: 700 EGP from November 23 to December 2.

How to Fill the Registration Form?

  • Through Mahally Showroom at the Waterway, New Cairo.
  • Through Mahally website, They will receive a confirmation mail including their registration code
    and the deadline for registration payment from

Through Mahally website, you will receive a confirmation mail including your registration code
and the deadline for registration payment from

The payment cash at

Mahally Showroom Address:

The Waterway Compound, W Mall, 1st floor, above Crave, New Cairo, Egypt. 
Phone Number: 01010054495 
Working Hours: Saturday – Thursday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Polygon Business park office Address:

Building 3, 4th floor, Beverly Hills, Elsheikh Zayed, 6th October City
Phone Number: 01227498221
Working Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm