First Stage Registrations Stage

Fill in the Registration Form through our website and you will
receive a confirmation mail including
your Registration Code from [email protected] 

Mahally Award is meant to be for any talented designer.

Second Stage | Concept Design

The Concept Design Package of your designed product must include: 

1.Free hand sketch or 3D modeling and/or rendering. 
2.Product Dimensions. 

3.A Presentation explaining the design inspiration, materials and color scheme.

4.Your work should be of high quality and be a functional object.

5.The designer name should NOT be mentioned on any of the submission files.

6.Submission Deadline will be announced.

How to submit your Concept Design Package:

1.Combine all your design documents in one folder, the folder should be named with your Registration Code. Also, all included documents should be named with your Registration Code – (xxxx1, xxxx2, xxxx3, etc. )
2.Your zipped folder should NOT exceed 20 MB including all the design documents required.
3.The Concept Design Stage Package must be sent on time by email to [email protected]

Third Stage | Jury Group Selection

In this stage, the jury will evaluate and choose the most elegant, unique and trendy designs for their degree of innovation, aesthetic qualities, material choices, functionality and usefulness in addition to the efficiency, ergonomics and human uses.

The jury will team up with the runner-ups to fine-tune the products, in order to enhance the product quality and design.

Fourth Stage | Final Design

PackageDesigns and products’ final package will be evaluated together with their details and packaging system. 

The Final Design Package must include:

  1. 3D with high-resolution rendering.
  2. Technical drawings in AutoCAD. 
  3. Creative history behind the product.
  4. Mood board with materials, fabrics and color scheme with codes & samples.
  5. Packaging system.- The designer name should NOT be mentioned on any of the submission files.

How to submit your Final Design Package:

  • Combine all your design documents in one folder, the folder should be named with your registration code, also, documents included should be named with your registration code – (xxxx.1 , xxxx.2 , xxxx3 etc. ) 
  • Upload the folder as zipped file to WeTransfer, in order to create a WeTransfer file link, go to, and email it to [email protected]

Fifth Stage | Jury Group Selection

In this stage, Juries will evaluate the Final Product Designs referring to the above stages. 
The Jury will team up with the winners to finalize the selected products to be ready for production. 

Sixth Stage | Winners Announcement

An acceptance letter will be sent by email to the winners to confirm their participation in the final stage “The Production Phase“.

The Winners

If your product design is selected, your design will be manufactured and sold by Mahally. In addition, you will become one of the Mahally freelancing designers and you will sign the royalty fees contract. Furthermore, the winning designs and productions appear on MHDH - Mona Hussein Design House Folio, distributed to the high-profile Magazine Editors, MHDH - Mona Hussein Design House Clients, Design Oriented Companies, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Compounds relevant Parties, Website and Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google ). 

Seventh Stage | Production Phase

Production of winning prototypes will commence by then. Designers, Producers and Mahally will collaborate together to reach a finished product.