Mahally Award is a freestyle design competition intended for professionals and talented designers to create
together new local furniture in Egypt while creating an authentic, yet modern, inspired from our culture.

Mahally Award aims to attract the attention to the unique and trendy designs of our local designers
and to coordinate between them and the best local manufacturers and producers.

The Jury will be responsible for providing comments on every stage to support the product designers during
the design phases.

If your product design is selected, it will be manufactured and sold by Mahally, beside the offered certificates.
In addition, you will become one of the Mahally freelancing designers and you will sign the royalty fees
contract for future sales. Mahally will be the liaison between the product designers and producers.

Mahally showroom is a hub for product design, for many manufacturers and their high-end designs.

Mahally will produce the winning products and the winners are to go through the process of prototyping.
Furthermore, the winning designs and productions appear on MHDH - Mona Hussein Design House Folio,
distributed to the high-profile Magazine Editors, MHDH - Mona Hussein Design House Clients, Design Oriented
Companies, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Compounds relevant Parties, Website and Social Media pages
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google ).